Preheater Pioneers 50th Anniversary

The first induction preheater (pictured left) will be exhibited on the Proton Products stand at Wire Dusseldorf 2016 from the 4th – 8th April. We welcome you to come take a look and meet one of the inventors, Mr John Kyriakis – Proton Products founder, at Hall 11 – D77.

Mr John Kyriakis (left), Proton Products founder, and Wally Tole invented the induction preheater 50 years ago in 1966, which coincidentally was the last and only time England won the soccer world cup. 50 years of pioneering preheating technology for the wire and cable industry. The preheater shown in the picture is in fact the original, first ever preheater which was sold to AEI Cable Works in the UK. The preheater was High Frequency and featured Fully Automatic Temperature Control. It was in operation for over 20 years and when it was taken out of service the inventors repurchased the preheater which now sits in our headquarters as an exhibit piece.

Carrying the tradition of Preheater Pioneers the current range of Proton Products PH Series Preheaters continue to be best in class, with an outstanding EEE (Electrical Energy Efficiency) of 96%. That means 96% of the power consumed by the preheater goes directly to heat the wire. The ProThermic series of preheaters include a user interface for storing wire parameters and displaying the preset and actual wire temperature. If the production speed increases or decreases so does the power which maintains a stable temperature of the wire throughout.