New product launch: InteliSENS® SL mini and SLR mini Series speed and length gauges for converting applications

Proton Products is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new InteliSENS® SL mini and SLR mini series of non-contact, laser Doppler speed and length gauges.

SL mini phone 180x180SLR mini phone 180x180

Proton Products will be exhibiting the SL mini and SLR mini Series gauges between the 3rd and 5th of June at the SENSOR+TEST 2014 exhibition ( in Nuremberg, Germany  (Hall 12, stand 12-490).

Optimized for sheet materials and converting applications, the SL mini Series provides unidirectional measurement whilst the SLR mini Series provides bidirectional measurement including at zero speed.

The SL mini and SLR mini Series gauges are the smallest non-contact laser Doppler speed and length gauges on the market, with a foot print comparable to a smartphone, however they still provide a full set of features including:

  • Industry-leading accuracy of ±0.05% and repeatability of ±0.02% without need to re-calibrate due to wear.
  • 120 and 300mm stand-off versions.
  • 20μs measurement update rate.
  • Integrated back-lit LCD display.
  • 2 pairs of industry-standard, differential pulse outputs which are user-configurable for independent or quadrature operation.
  • Laser enable and shutter enable control inputs and shutter status output.
  • 3 user-configurable logic outputs (e.g. to signal preset length reached) and 2 user-configurable logic inputs (e.g. to hold readings).
  • RS-232, Ethernet and Proton CAN-bus communications fitted as standard.
  • PROFIBUS, DeviceNET or EtherNet/IP communications available as a factory fitted option (substitutes for the standard Ethernet interface).
  • A full range of optional accessories to ease installation, alignment, configuration, connectivity and operation in harsh environments.

The SL mini and SLR mini Series gauges are economically priced and are an ideal replacement for contact wheel speed and length encoders. They offer non-contact, solid-state, slip-free and wear-free speed and length measurement and are highly suitable for application in the following industries:

  • Woven, non-woven, textile, and leather industries
  • Plastic film, foil, tape and liner industries
  • Paper, corrugated and packing materials industries
  • Rubber and synthetics industries
  • Timber, wood, ceramics industries
  • Printing industries
  • Building materials
  • Extrusion industries
  • Automotive industries

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